Tips to Protect Your Webflow Website Against Hacks and Attacks

December 14, 2021

Lately, many organizations have started building their websites on Webflow. Several others are migrating their existing websites to the Webflow platform. People are excited about the wide range of features that Webflow offers. But they neglect to factor in the website's security.

Over 30,000 websites are under attack every single day of the year. While people are busy designing and developing a beautiful website, they often forget to ensure the website's safety and safeguard it against threats or vulnerabilities. This negligence results in a lot of loss for the business.

You need to ensure that your website is 100% secure, regardless of the website builder tool you are using to build your site. A Webflow design agency must safeguard its websites against threats, such as SQL injections, DDoS attacks, and others that access people's data and other sensitive information.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to have sufficient security systems in place to ensure the safety of your website against any threats.

In this blog post, we offer Webflow designers multiple tips to ensure the safety of their websites before going live.

1. Prevent DDoS attacks from happening

Denial of Service (DDoS) is of critical concern. One of the reasons for bad reputation does not comprise a brand-awareness campaign gone wrong. A site that goes offline for an indefinite period will become invisible after a while. DDoS attacks affect the website's reputation.

In most cases, when a website is pummeled with several fake requests, causing servers to shut, websites go offline. Besides, these attacks might also open up certain security vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to inject malicious code.

 Preventing DDoS attacks

Rely on a reputable hosting provider for your website's hosting needs to safeguard the site from such attacks. A reliable hosting provider will constantly indulge in pen testing to check for or control vulnerabilities, along with consistent network monitoring.

2. Watch out for XSS cross-site scripting

If your site is compromised with XSS cross-site scripting, your website will start brimming with bad code, which will be transferred to other people's devices. These devices will be accessed for people's confidential information.

How to prevent XSS cross-site scripting

Webflow websites offering Amazon Web Service's (AWS) shield will help defend your site from such attacks. Webflow automatically provides this security. So, you need not worry about XSS cross-site scripting affecting the credibility of your website. 

3. No spamming

One of the common ways hackers intrude on a website is through bogus comments. When your website or blog post is spammed with unnecessary comments, it will tarnish your brand's reputation with people that matter for your business.

 While you might have a splendid blog post, people's eyes will always travel in the direction of comments. These kinds of comments not only impact your website's reputation but also affect the SEO of your website.

 If you are using Disqus when building your website on Webflow, it has certain plugins that will help to keep such comments in check, filtering out spam.

4. SQL injection

Besides using DDoS attacks or injecting malicious code, hackers can use SQL injection to access people's confidential information. Watch out for such vulnerabilities. Web server databases that are powered by SQL are under the threat of being shoehorned by hackers who access sensitive data through SQL code.

 Under such attacks, servers might fail to distinguish between normal SQL requests and such malicious requests. However, Webflow's Amazon Web Service can safeguard your website from such attacks.

5.   Backup site and data

Don't say no to this. Most web hosting services offer backups as part of their services. Don't worry about having to do it by yourself.

 If you are looking for a previous version of your website's design, you can access it through Webflow. The free version offers the last two versions whereas the premium one offers unlimited access to any of the versions.

Besides these versions that are available with each of the editions, your data will be backed up automatically.

Any Webflow design agency must keep this checklist handy every time it designs a website in Webflow. Ensure that all these points are taken care of before going live.

About Web Team Studio

Web Team Studio is a Webflow design agency offering Webflow design services to clients across the globe. We can also help with the migration of your existing site to Webflow. For details, contact us today. 

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