SEO and Webflow: How Well it Works

December 6, 2021

Web Team Studio has worked with several clients to help build their websites using the Webflow platform. Would you like to know if Webflow is the right choice for your website? Our team can help you understand the various features of Webflow and if your business will benefit from Webflow’s features. Then, you can decide if you want to use Webflow for your needs or not.

Using Webflow or not, you need to have an excellent SEO strategy in place to drive organic traffic to your site.

Let us say you’ve created a beautiful website using the Webflow platform. Your website has all the vital components and features (variations, responsiveness, CMS, editor, and others) that make the site stand apart from others.

Everything you do when creating your website is intended at attracting, engaging, converting customers, and growing sales. However, if your site doesn’t have a reliable SEO strategy in place, there would be no visitors in the first place. Google will find no reason to direct traffic to your site.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to make it accessible to people and search engines.


Webflow is a website builder (with a CMS and hosting platform), empowering designers to build custom websites beautifully. No coding knowledge is needed to work with this platform.

The one thing that everyone worries about is whether a Webflow-based website can drive SEO results or not. Don’t worry websites built on Webflow can achieve a higher ranking on the search engines.

‍Let us first examine how Webflow and SEO work together.

On the Webflow platform, you can find all the necessary tools needed to optimize your site for search engines.

You can optimize your site using Webflow’s SEO controls, including fine-tuned controls, high-performance hosting, and flexible content management tools.

With Webflow, you have a fine level of control over indexing rules, redirects, SEO markup, and others. You do not need to depend on anyone (no plugins required) to make these changes, which can go live instantly.

Webflow’s add and edit schema markup make it easier to showcase your content to drive the attention of search engine crawlers.

Defining meta titles and descriptions was not so easy – thanks to Webflow’s fields in CMS collections that make the process of defining meta titles and meta descriptions so effortless.

You can edit, update page titles and descriptions easily, and push these changes live with just a click.

You can effortlessly migrate and update your site’s URLs by creating and publishing 301 redirects. You can manage these 301 redirects yourself, without relying on anyone.

Webflow’s image alt tag editing feature will help you to have your image metadata indexed by Google (ensuring your images are screen-reader accessible).

As websites powered by the Webflow tool have clean, semantic code, which makes it easier for search engine indexing bots to parse effortlessly. Webflow’s visual dev tools are embedded in HTML and CSS, resulting in clean, semantic code, which is what search engines need.

Google’s algorithm is well-versed to identify duplicate content whenever it comes across one. However, you can always include canonical links to identify duplicate content.

Whenever Google sees a page with a canonical tag, Google considers that particular page as the original page. This comes in handy if you ever run into link migration issues or any other problems.

When you have a large website (with a large database) being partially hosted on Webflow, you can use reverse proxies to collate together several Webflow projects and have them hosted as a single project.

Webflow provides numerous SEO features that you can use to improve the rankings of your site if you know where and when to use them.

SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools that will get your product to people. The right combination of SEO best practices, Webflow tools, and an expert professional can work wonders when it comes to driving customers and converting them into sales for your business.

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