Here’s Why Front-End Developers Should Be Using Webflow

December 6, 2021

Highlight: The wide range of flexible tools offered by Webflow definitely makes it one of those tools that designers and developers cannot do without.

A web designing and development project involves numerous tasks. To handle them meticulously you’d need special skills, personal discipline, and professional tools. In order to make sure that the various phases of design and development are managed properly, you should use tools that can make things a lot easier for you. In this way, you can not only deal with client needs in a better way but also ensure their maximum satisfaction. Webflow is one such tool that can help you to manage front-end development of websites in an effortless manner.

As a tool that stands out for its flexibility, Webflow offers a range of smart end features that can resolve bottlenecks that you may have been having with your web design. Webflow is a very scalable, powerful, and versatile tool. It can certainly help your development team to make the best use of your available resources. It is therefore no wonder that there is always a lot of demand for the services and solutions that are offered by Webflow developers.

Here is a look at the various distinct benefits that you can have with Webflow.

1. It lets your team communicate precise design ideas to your client

Most clients have a tough time understanding what a live website is going to look like. A look at the static mockups doesn’t help them much. Definitely not more than looking at the Architect’s drawing helps you understand the aesthetics and functionalities of your dream home.

Typically the static mockups work as two-dimensional examples of the final website, leaving out most of the interactive elements that make up the essence of a successful website. With the help of live prototyping features that are offered by Webflow, it makes things a lot easier for the development team to communicate to the clients the precise results that they can expect when all the work on the website is done.

By helping your clients to visualize such a live prototype that they can easily interact with, you can not only give them a better idea but also help them to make informed decisions when they have their expectations set straight.

2. Customized CMS features that are good for the client

The Webflow CMS allows your clients to have greater flexibility when it comes to customizing and modifying the elements in any way they want without the fear of accidentally ruining anything. The Editor tool in Webflow lets your clients explore their content within a perfectly controlled environment. This makes it easier for them to build the content and yet avoid situations where the whole thing crashes down.

The Editor tool also lets the clients manage the site’s dynamic collections. This means that clients can easily draft blogs and get them published and launch new products and case studies. Additionally, you can also white-label the Webflow CMS and use it for branding and other purposes.

3. Quicker iterations and updates while performing design reviews

One of the best things about Webflow is that it lets you finalize all kinds of projects much faster without giving up on quality. Clients are always looking for fast results and you can have the initial design concepts for your clients in a matter of days. You can also implement the ideas and client concepts without any difficulty so that the launching date for the project can be reached quickly.

It can also help you to reduce the time between getting the client approval and making different kinds of version iterations.

Additionally, Webflow can also make it easier for you to perform prototyping which means that you can perform content management and design changes within the same environment that can be made live easily.

You can also send a live staging website to your clients, have it reviewed and perform real-time changes and get final approval in a much shorter time.

4. Interactions become precise and accurate

By using Webflow, you can give your designers the freedom they need to be more creative while building the various versions of the website. They can also focus on creating their own interactions. This means that designers get to have optimum flexibility and this definitely makes the final product really awesome.

5. You can build better landing pages in a short time

Whatever be the nature of the website you are working on, landing pages always play a crucial role in determining the success of your marketing campaigns. Building top-notch landing pages becomes a lot easier for you and your designer team when you start working with Webflow. The Webflow CMS can be used as a potent landing page generator and you can use the program to come up with highly targeted and fully customizable landing pages.

The wide range of flexible tools offered by Webflow definitely makes it one of those tools that designers and developers cannot do without. Therefore, you should certainly consider using Webflow for your upcoming design projects.  

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